Angry Courier

So I decided to start blogging as a few people have told me to including my husband. I always used to love writing stories as a child so who knows I may even write a book one day!

The moment that urged me to write my first post was this..

A delightful note from a Hermes delivery driver, where do I start? I do everything online including my food shops. I’m not lazy, in fact quite the opposite! I am a self employed mum of a toddler, when I’m not working I’m at toddler playgroups singing Nursery rhymes and drinking endless cups of tea! I do not have time to go to the shops plus my daughter hates it! I don’t want to be THAT mum in Tescos where my daughter is tantruming because I won’t let her loose in the frozen isle and I don’t mean Disney!

So mr Hermes driver what business of yours is it as to why I’m never home and actually FYI as I write this I am sat in the comfort of my living room! Did you know Mr Hermes that without people like me ordering things online, you would not have a job! 

Online shopping is what people do these days who wants to go sweating through a busy shop and now with the added fear of being stabbed or mugged (this happened in Bromley recently). 

My neighbours are friendly, they will take my parcels and I take theirs so I do not understand what the issue was for you to write this note, how did you taking my box of nappies to the woman next door really bother you? Yes that’s right Nappies! Ok maybe I could get them in a shop but I like to order from Amazon as if I buy in bulk it’s cheaper and lasts longer and I can’t carry a box of nappies on my buggy if I go into town! Maybe Mr Hermex Driver assumes that because it was nappies I must be the sort of women who stays at home and cleans and cooks for her husband while he works well guess what I do that too!!

Anyway that’s my Hermes rant over which by the way has been picked up by 2 newspapers! 

Please Mr Hermes Driver don’t come and throw bricks at my house as you do know where I live.

Much love

Kim x 

8 thoughts on “Angry Courier

  1. I see no problem with this. I am a self employed music teacher (I occasionally voice coach too as well as instrumental stuff) who delivers parcels for another company on the side. While I don’t have a child I spend at least 13 hours a day working.

    Imagine each drop takes 4 minutes to drive to and a further 4 away from. If a customer is in, the drop takes about 30 seconds. If the customer is not in, it could be up to 5 minutes (sometimes a lot more) while the courier knocks on your neighbours or finds a safe place etc.

    Couriers are paid a pittance. I’m not even joking. Your parcel is worth less that a bag of crisps to that courier and they only get that if it’s actually delivered. You constantly being out is making that man work more than a quarter of an hour without any pay. If this is constantly happening the your self importance is having a massive negative effect on not only that Couriers pocket but also their patience.

    Just because the newspapers have shown interest and social media are sharing this doesn’t make it right. Everybody out there shares a streak of self importance and loves a bit of a poke at what they see as ‘lower class workers’. Perhaps this insight will help you understand how you drove your courier to leaving polite bit of advice for you.


    1. But there is no problem for him as he leaves with my neighbour who is happy to take parcels as I am happy to take hers. Hermes did not give a delivery time or date, I’m afraid I’m not a mind reader


  2. Get over yourself love. You caused a stressed out guy who earns less than 50p per parcel to, at the very least, lose his income whilst he’s investigated (possibly fired after that) for leaving a slightly frustrated note on your door…. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    1. Is that her problem?? His “issue” is with his employer. He is PAID TO DELIVER, and should do his job. Often there are alternative delivery instructions which they ignore completely. Or, you can be in all day and they don’t even bother knocking or ringing, just card you. The very WORST “delivery” company


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