The Power of the internet

So after posting a picture on Twitter 2 days ago of the message I received from the Hermes Delivery driver, it’s safe to say, it went Viral. 

I can honestly say that wasn’t the plan. I just wanted Hermes to be aware and apologise. 

I was then approached by 2 Newspapers to ask if they can use my picture and credit me. 

It’s now on The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Metro, Newsshopper, Smooth Radio, and more probably and I’m receiving abuse! I can’t imagine what actually celebrities feel, they must have it all day everyday. I also can’t imagine what the people sending the abuse must feel about their own lives? Are they bored? 

Some of the things I’ve received are:

Along with ‘She can’t sing, sounds like a cat!

Is there any need? 

I can assure you I have never claimed benefits, I’m not sure I know how. Being Self Employed is a proper job, instead of working for someone else and making them money, you work for yourself and make your own money and yes I declare it to the tax man!

I did not go out of my way to make the delivery guy suspended and I certainly haven’t been paid by going to the media. 

I would also like to point out that Hermes did not give me a tracking number, day or delivery slot. When DPD text me, I am in for that time.

It really does show how powerful the Internet can be.

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