Online Bullying

This is actually a serious subject and not one I thought I’d post. 

Over the past few days I’ve had a lot of online abuse (as mentioned in previous blog). It seems people still haven’t quite gotten over the fact that I had an opinion. 

Don’t get me wrong there have been lovely comments too and people sticking up for me (mainly women I have to say) and the odd guy asking if I’m single. 

I don’t mind being called a ‘snotty housewife’ or a ‘stupid tart’ but starting on my child is a different matter entirely! A child has nothing to do in this matter and is completely innocent. Even have a go at the dog before my child or my husband but she has done nothing wrong.

Why set up a profile just for me? It seems one heck of a waste of time! 

It takes a very sick person to do that!

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