‘Breast is best’ if it suits you!

A mum has hit the headlines this morning for Breast Feeding her 5 year old daughter still. My opinion on this (whilst it really doesn't matter) is well done to her! There is absolutely no shame in it. I couldn't breast feed either of mine. Alana was Breast fed for 3 weeks with lots of … Continue reading ‘Breast is best’ if it suits you!

The Pros of having a Dog with Children

I wanted to write this post for anyone contemplating getting a dog when you already have children. We actually got our dog (Dudley) just as I'd fallen pregnant with my first child. He's a complete nutter Sprocker Spaniel which is a Springer crossed with a working cocker. He's 100% mental. There was always the worry … Continue reading The Pros of having a Dog with Children

Winge winge wine

Today has been one of those days! Usually you'll get maybe one child that plays up but today it was both even though one was at pre school until 3pm! The youngest (10 months) is apparently going through a 'leap' even though I've never really agreed with all the wonder weeks stuff as all children … Continue reading Winge winge wine